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7/13/23 American Library Association are Marxist…seriously the President said it!
November 19, 2023 watchman
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I told the library’s Board members that the American Library Association are Marxist. I begged them not to use our tax dollars to pay for their membership. The ex. Director signed the library up last year one week after I asked to put inappropriate books from the Minor’s section up in the Adult section. Last fall they told me they like the ALA’s services and will not cancel. This year the library did not renew their membership. But the employees can still be members. Which means they can implement the ALA ideology in our library.

Please see the photo below showing that Montana just removed the American Library Association 😲

The ALA has a Department that advises the local libraries how to resist parents who don’t want these materials in the Minor’s sections. This Department has trained experts like lawyers, marketers, etc..

We have found 4 books down in the Minor’s section. 3 of the books the board reviewed last month. Not only did they keep them in the Minor’s section, but are working to find books with current drugs being used like Fentanyl. Then they will replace the existing books with these books.

The 4th book will be reviewed next week on Thursday the 20th 10am @ the Sheriff’s Annex (across from the Middle School). This is worse than the other books. *** see comments for book reading

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