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7/15/23 My volunteer service to give back to my community
November 19, 2023 watchman
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Please understand I do not get paid for what I do, and I do not monetize my pages. This is a volunteer service to give back to my community.

While some might not like it, others thank me. I find that the only people who seem to be bothered by me are those involved or friends of those involved in questionable actions.

Our Constitution states it is the duty of the PEOPLE to hold their government accountable. If the government was honest and fair to the PEOPLE, I would have to find another place to volunteer my time.

I have a few cases that I am working on regarding government transparency & accountability that are pending. I am at a brick wall on some of them and need more evidence. Anyone who contacts me is kept confidential. But I cannot run on hearsay for liability reasons. I need evidence and it can come in many forms.

Depending on severity and legality of the issue I will either submit to the Attorney General, Idaho State Police, submit my report to you and recommend you seek legal counsel or add it to my subscriber’s newsletter.

Remember, those exhibiting bad behavior don’t want to be exposed. So, when you hear name calling or uneducated lies being spread by people who aren’t directly involved ask for proof, examples or sources. If they don’t have any, then it is disinformation. In a small town like ours people can get confused, especially when the rumor is coming from a friend. Boy, if I had a quarter every time I heard a rumor

Also, I am always encouraging people to attend Board meetings and run for office. I believe the reason we have cronyism (CAMBRIDGE DEFINITION: The situation in which someone important gives jobs to friends rather than to independent people who have the necessary skills and experience) is because of APATHY. So in a way the PEOPLE are part of the problem. It is time for people to get out and attend Board meetings, run for office, vote, write & email their elected officials… get involved!

Again, this is my way of volunteering.

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