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Boundary County Commissioners made the hard decision to increase the Restorium Room & Board Fee starting October 1, 2023.
December 25, 2023 watchman
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Current residents will see a 6% increase and future residents will see a 10% increase. Tim Bertling said, “We have to do something, so it doesn’t come back on the taxpayers”.

Right now, Boundary County is the only county in Idaho that supplements a nursing home through tax paying dollars. The residents pay approximately half the cost compared to other facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Boundary County taxpayers are paying the rest.

The 12-minute video below discusses other concerns, but honestly with inflation rising this issue isn’t going to be solved with a one-time fee increase.


The following schedule is an estimate of what this change may mean (From-To):

Single Occupancy Room with private restroom $4441.00 $4884.00

Single Occupancy Room with shared restroom $4066.00 $4472.00

Double Occupancy (half room) $3053.00 $3358.00

Double Occupancy Room $5933.00 $6526.00

Memory Care (half room) $3404.00 $3744.00

Memory Care/shared room $4745.00 $5219.00

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