Boundary County Watchman

Candidates for the November 7, 2023 elections.
December 25, 2023 watchman
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The only challenged seat is for Moyie Springs City Council.

Bonners Ferry Mayor:

James R “Dick” Staples

Bonners Ferry City Council (2 seats open):

Val Thompson

Rick Alonzo

Moyie Springs City Council (2 seats open- Candidates with the two highest votes will take the two seats):

Patrick Stevens

Terry A Johnson

Deborah Rauth

Boundary County School Trustee (Zone 3):

Mike Ferguson

Boundary County School Trustee (Zone 4):

Candice K. Kelly

South Boundary Fire Department (District 2):

Chad Kimball

South Boundary Fire Department (District 3):

Bruce Whittaker

Paradise Valley Fire Department (District 1):

Andrew O’Neel

Paradise Valley Fire Department (District 2):

Michael G. Munoz

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