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It has been confirmed that the Boundary County Library DID NOT renew their membership this year with the American Library Association (ALA).
December 25, 2023 watchman
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Also, we were able to confirm that the BCL IS NOT a member of the Idaho Library Association (ILA).

The ILA states in their bylaws they work with the ALA. The BCL also clarified they have NO intentions of joining either one at this time.

Our 2022 original goals have been accomplished:

1) Null & Void the updated policy that the ex. Director wrote herself without Board involvement (Idaho Statute 33-2607(9) violation)

2) Re-write the policy to protect minors from sexually explicit materials

3) Move the sexually explicit materials up to the adult section. New section is named: “Recent Adult Plus”

4) Remove the American Library Association (ALA) membership that the ex. Director joined 7 days after we asked her to put the books up away from children.

I would like to thank the Boundary County Library for working towards a solution over the last 19 months.

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