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The Golf Contractor Search Committee’s Request for Proposal (RFP) contract and the consideration to authorize the staff to begin the negotiations to hire Ben Staples (ex. mayor’s son) and Jennifer Baule was TABLED by Bonners Ferry City Council.
December 25, 2023 watchman
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⚠️The agenda item was TABLED due to the proposal being too specific to be able to evaluate anyone that didn’t have the exact criteria that was in the proposal. Also, according to the city attorney there was some deficiency with the RFP that didn’t meet the statutory requirements. It didn’t have a scoring method that is capable of objective review (Idaho Statute 67-2806A). The hiring committee and city attorney will work on a new proposal.

Due to Mayor Dick Staples stepping down, council member Rick Alonzo will be filling the mayor’s position for the City of Bonners Ferry. This position will be temporary until the term ends in January.

Minutes later after Rick Alonzo was sworn in as mayor, he immediately recommended Adam Arthur to fill Rick’s vacancy (Idaho Statute 50-704). This position will also be temporary until the term ends in January.

The council decided to table the nomination of who will become president of the council.

At this point everyone is waiting for Dick Staples to either step down permanently or take the mayor’s position this January (since he is running unopposed in next month’s elections).

⚠️ See comments for website links to:

• Idaho Statute 67-2806A (Request for Proposal)

• Idaho Statute 50-704 (Vacancies Appointment for City Council)

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