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6/27/23 Clerical error with the May 16, 2023 City Local Option Non-Property Tax per:
November 19, 2023 watchman
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City of Bonners Ferry & Boundary County Election Clerk,

I would like to inform you that there seems to be a clerical error with the May 16, 2023 City Local Option Non-Property Tax per:

• Election ballot

City of Bonners Ferry’s website

• Boundary County Election’s website

• Potentially any other political/educational literature the city may have sent out.

It states:

“This local option tax would apply to all sales subject to Idaho sales tax pursuant to Title 36, Chapter 63, Idaho Code, …”

My research shows that Title 36, Chapter 63, Idaho Code doesn’t exist.

Upon further investigation I see that Title 63, Idaho Code might be a better fit. That is the section on Revenue & Taxation So that I do not make assumptions could you please verify the correct Idaho Statute(s) and subsections?

Also, at this point how should this be fixed? Is this a simple correction or does this null and void the ballot?

Thank you for looking into this matter.

Cc: County & City Attorney Andrakay Pluid

Idaho Secretary Of State

Idaho Attorney General

Adrienne Norris

* Website:

* Facebook: Boundary County Watchman

* Youtube:

* Also library update Website:


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