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7/22/23 My speech for the Reconsideration Hearing for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
November 19, 2023 watchman
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Boundary County Library Reconsideration Hearing

Book- Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Presented by Adrienne Norris

July 20, 2023

The book Me, Earl and the Dying Girl has Thirty-One statements & Three Hundred and Forty-One words that our society deems inappropriate for the average conversation of a minor. The Idaho Statutes defines a minor as anyone under eighteen. Community Standards are used as a legal argument in court. According to the Idaho Commissions for Library our collection is supposed to reflect our community’s interest, which is also known as community standards.

While the First Amendment protects our freedom of speech, the Supreme Court has already ruled that there is a need to protect our children. The Supreme Court has already ruled three categories that are not protected:

1. Obscenity

2. Harmful to Minors

3. Child Pornography

In other words, what is considered obscene to a minor may not be considered obscene to an adult.

The Supreme Court, Idaho Courts and the Boundary County Library uses the Miller Test:

1. Number1…Does the average person applying community standards find the work, taken as a whole appeal to the prurient interest? Me Earl and the Dying Girl has 308 pages. The book consists of 341 inappropriate words and 31 inappropriate statements or sections. The first inappropriate statement is on page 32 the last inappropriate statement is on 273 which means this 308 page book as a whole has inappropriate words and statements throughout the whole book

2. Number 2…Does the work depict or describe in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct specifically defined by the applicable state law?

Idaho Statute 18-1514

o “Minor” means a person under eighteen

o “Sexual conduct” means any act of masturbation, homosexuality, sexual intercourse, or physical contact with a person’s clothed or unclothed genitals, pubic area, buttocks or, if such person be a female, the breast.

o “Harmful to minors” The quality of ANY material or of any description or representation, in whatever form, of nudity, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, as a whole, has the dominant effect of substantially arousing sexual desires in persons under eighteen

3. Number 3…Does the work, taken as a whole lacks serious artistic, political or scientific value? The words and statements in Me, Earl and the Dying Girl per “Community Standards” are demeaning and degrading of a woman and most women do not like to be talked to like what is written in this book. So, when you have this down in a minor’s section you are desensitizing children to such language and worse you are allowing them to be sexualized.

So what is in this book that doesn’t pass the Miller Test for minor under the age of eighteen?

Here are the Excerpts:

BONER is in full retreat.


Eight-inch-thick titanium diaper bolted to your pelvis, and you would still somehow get laid.

It should be their official tourism slogan: Isreal. Where Virginity Goes to Die.

Are you gonna eat her pussy?”

I’m going to eat her pussy.”

Do you even know how to eat pussy?”

Son, one day you’re going to have to eat the pussy.”

No. But he did teach me how to eat a butthole.”…”God bless that man.”

Teach you some pussy-eating technique.”

I got like twenty pussies over here that I need to eat.”

I’m on pussy deadline.”

Twenty vaginas, all lined up in a row.”

No one’s talkin bout vaginas. Greg, what the hell is wrong with you. Man, that’s nasty.”

I’m talkin bout pussy. I got a little honey mustard over here, a little Heinz 57, and a whole lotta pussy.”

My God, what if she wanted to have sex? Would I even be able to get a boner? I was pretty sure it would be impossible for me to get a boner in those circumstances.

Sexy pillows.” “We had this one pillow in the house, they had to burn it, because that thing just

Got me so aroused.’ That was the sexiest pillow, I just, I just wanted to make love to it all night

I used to call that pillow the dirtiest names. I used to say ‘You slutty pillow,

You’re such a dirty slut, stop toying with my emotions.” ..”Then one day I came home from school and caught that pillow having oral sex with this table

Masturbate all over pillows.

Pickle relish for that pussy

Combination of food and sex. Like, oral sex.”

Combining food and oral sex?”

Fuck. shit.

Lick my ass-cheek.

Stick his face all up in my butthole.

Fine-ass girl is making me hard right now. my mistake, that dude over there is the one that’s making me hard.

Get a hard-on from all kinds of freaky shit. look at some titties, get a hard-on, look at some dude’s funky dick, get another hard-on. …Dog taking a dump: hard-on. Wendy’s double cheeseburger: hard-on. computer virus that destroy all your shit: hard-on. …Big-ass hard-on for that shit.

Big-ass titties?

I’m a trisexual…Try sexual.

Jocks started asking me when I was going to do a gay porn.

Ass 57

Bitch 8

Cock 2

Dick 22

Fag/Faggot 3

Fuck 94

Goddamn 17

Nigga/Nigger 3

Piss 27

Pussy 13

Shit 88

Tit 7

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