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9/16/23 As of today, Boundary County has 31 sex offenders registered!!!
December 25, 2023 watchman
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I just finished a 6 month investigation of a government accountability case that involved an allegation of rape. All parties of the rape allegations were minor(s). This case is now being investigated by Idaho State Police.

To be clear I wasn’t investigating the rape(s). I was investigating the government accountability, but unfortunately, I had to hear about the rape allegations. This was a very sad case to be investigating and it hit home for me. One of the reasons I worked so hard to remove sexually explicit materials out of the library’s minor section (now to be moved to adult area) is because I understood these books can be used to groom children to have sex or touched willingly or unwillingly.

As of today, Boundary County has 31 sex offenders registered!!! A year ago, we had 21… plus we have many more that either were not required to register, moved from a state that doesn’t require lifetime registration or the pedophilia wasn’t brought to justice due to the victim wasn’t empowered or court wasn’t able to convict. And how many have not acted on their evil thoughts??? Seriously, we might have hundreds of Minor Attracted Perverts (MAP) in our community.

Please talk to your children about body safety and please teach NO means NO! 🙏

⚠️ Link to Idaho Sex Offender Registry

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