Boundary County Watchman

Human Rights Task Force (Love Lives Here, CommUNITY, etc.)

Is the Boundary HRTF a Hate Group that hides behind “Love, CommUNITY, Anti-Bully, Anti-Discrimination, etc.”? They seem to be picking and choosing when these terms apply and who should be labeled. Just because someone’s political or religious beliefs are the opposites of yours that doesn’t mean you should put them on an “EXTREMIST LIST”. It just means that you probably don’t agree with their views or how they want to affect a community... Welcome to America! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions according to the Constitution. Until a person acts in a criminal way against someone IT IS INAPPROPRIATE and OFFENSIVE TO CREATE A HATE LIST OF PEOPLE YOU DON’T AGREE WITH. It doesn’t align with the HRTF’s theme of Love, Anti-Bully, Anti-Discrimination, etc… Also, what about being a CommUNITY? Or are we picking and choosing who is allowed to be a part of this beautiful community? . . . SEE DOCUMENTS BELOW: